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Electronic obstacle data sets are provided in AIXM 5.1 format and terrain data sets are provided in GeoTIFF format, for the following:

  • Area1;
  • Area 2 for AD Riga (EVRA);
  • Area 2 for AD Liepaja (EVLA);
  • Area 2 for AD Lielvarde (MIL) (EVGA);
  • Area 2 for AD Ventspils (EVVA);
  • Area 3 for AD Riga (EVRA);
  • Area 3 for AD Liepaja (EVLA);
  • Area 4 for AD Riga (EVRA);

and are available for authorized users in the Obstacle data sets and Terrain data sets sections of the AIS of Latvia web-site

To obtain the access to the digital data sets, it is necessary:

  1. to be a registered user of the AIS website;
  2. to fill in the application form provided in latest "SUBSCRIPTION TO AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION PRODUCTS" AIC (please see Valid AIC page);
  3. to send a request attaching the application form to (providing the AIS website username).


SJSC “Latvijas gaisa satiksme” reserve the right to change the conditions of the digital data distribution policy.